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U13 Christmas Head Tennis and Crossbar Challenge














The following is the report for week 4.

REPORT FOR 12TH December

Results for Head Tennis
Round 3
England (Aaron) 11 Ireland (Colm) 8
Holland (Daniel) 6 Spain (Cathal) 11

Round 2
England (Aaron) 8 Holland (Daniel) 11
Ireland (Colm) 5 Spain (Cathal) 11

Round 1
England (Aaron) 9 Spain (Cathal) 11
Ireland (Colm) 11  Holland (Daniel) 8

Results & scorers for Cross Bar Challenge

England 3 (Daniel Foley,Aaron Doyle, Ryan Lambe) Ireland 5 (Colm Power 2 Oisin Napier 2 and Aidan Tobin) Holland 2 (David Burke,Daniel Traas) Spain   0

5 a side match bonus scorers
England 3 points (Aaron Doyle 2, Daniel Foley) Ireland 5 points (Oisin Napier 2, Conal 2, Colm 1) Spain   2 points (Cathal 2)

TEAM               HEAD TENNIS       CROSSBAR    Bonus      TOTAL

IRELAND                  18              11          10         39

ENGLAND                18               8           9         35

SPAIN                       21              10           4         35

HOLLAND                15               4           7         26

Crossbar Final table
Colm Power (6),Jack Harney (3),Cathal McKeown (3), Aaron Doyle (3), Ryan Lambe (3)

It's all over and the boys in Green have swept the boards taking home all the silverware on offer.
It was the most amazing climax to the competition with Spain coming with a late late run to nearly snatch victory. The Spaniards won all 3 head tennis games to collect the maximum 9 points putting them 4 clear going into their speciality round of the crossbar challenge. Ireland Holland and England all had one victory each which meant it would all revolve around who would be the most accurate from the half way line. First up were Holland with Daniel and David rattling the bar but not enough to keep them in the competition so they were eliminated first. It must have been all the celebrating after last weeks efforts. Next up were Spain and who would believe that the team who were hitting the bar for fun previously drew a blank and did not even go close. This left Spain sitting 4 points clear with 8 shots to come from England and Ireland. And what an effort England put in with Daniel Foley, Ryan Lambe and Aaron Doyle all hitting the target to leave them one short. It was down to the Irish Lads could Power, Napier, Kennedy and Tobin hit 5 out of 8 to win or 4 for a draw. Aidan Tobin BANG nearly broke the bar, followed by Oisin Napier who also was spot on. Next up the ever dependable Colm Power who not only was going for the team prize but the overall head tennis champion prize. What else would you expect from Colm but to register number 3 for his country. Oisin and Colm then delivered the fatal blows to Spain registering 2 more to give them the magic 5 goals needed. This one point lead gave them the confidence to go and secure 5 more bonus points with Conal Kennedy giving every last ounce to secure victory. Looking at the victory dance that the 4 lads produced it was obvious that they got together during the competition to practise this as it was a dramatic improvement on some of their ballet displays earlier on.
Former Irish Junior International Captain and Irish Junior player of the year Cyril Conran presented the trophies (and the selection boxes) to the winning team and Colm Power took home the first ever Clonmel Town Crossbar Challenge trophy. The crossbar in the complex is been repainted as we speak with Colm and his pals of Jack, Cathal, Aaron and Ryan inflicting serious damage to the paintwork recently.
The boys again were a credit to the club and their parents with how they conducted themselves during this competition.
Happy Christmas to all from Clonmel Town FC.



The following is the report for week 3.........


Results for Head Tennis
Round 1
England (Aaron) 2 Ireland (Colm) 11
Holland (Daniel)6 Spain (Cathal) 11

Round 2
England (Aaron) 8 Holland (Daniel) 11
Ireland (Colm) 8 Spain (Cathal) 11

Round 3
England (Aaron) 11 Spain (Cathal) 7
Ireland (Colm) 8  Holland (Daniel) 11

Results & scorers for Cross Bar Challenge

England 1 (Ryan Lambe)
Ireland 2 (Colm Power and Aidan Tobin)
Holland 1 (David Burke)
Spain 4(Jack Harney 1,Cathal McKeown 2,Luke Kiely)

5 a side match bonus scorers
England 5 points (Daniel Foley 2, Ryan,Niall,Aaron) Ireland 2 points (Oisin Napier 2) Holland 7 points ( Daniel Traas 5, Cillian Crowe 2) Spain 1 point (Jack Harney)


IRELAND                15               6           5         26

ENGLAND               15              5           6         26

SPAIN                      12              10          2        24

HOLLAND               12               2           7         21

Crossbar leaders table
Colm Power (4),Jack Harney (3),Cathal McKeown (3)

What a night of football !!!!!!! 5 Points separating 4 teams going into the final week.
The Dutch are back from the dead. The Spanish Armada has arrived and the home Nations of Ireland and England are locked in a head to head battle.
There must have been sparks flying over the Apple Farm this week when the Traas family sat down with Daniel and explained the shame his Holland side were bringing to the proud football Nation as Con explained in simple Dutch terms. The talk obviously worked as Daniel delivered the performance of the night to bring his team right back in to contention. Daniel hit a record 5 bonus goals and in the crucial head tennis game V England hit the shot of the night to secure all 3 points. I am sure the apple juice and ice cream and orange flags were produced on Monday night and the Von Traas family sang like the Von Trapp's. Daniel was well supported by Cillian Crowe scoring 2 bonus goals and David Burke who nearly broke the crossbar when he was asked to hit it from the half way line. However their performance was nearly matched by the Spaniards with Cathal McKeown, Jack Harney, and Luke Kiely winning 2 head tennis games and proving once again that they are crossbar kings hitting it 4 more times. They are another in form team and now that there is harmony in the camp they could go all the way. Not a great night for the Irish Lads after losing 2 head tennis matches but Crossbar Colm as he is affectionately known lived up to his reputation to once again hit the target and go in to the final week of crossbar challenge 1 shot ahead of Jack Harney and Cathal McKeown. Oisin Napier secured 2 bonus points with 2 sweetly struck left foot shots that sets up a grand finale next week.
The English are still in contention but the hype and pressure is building and a success starved Nation awaits their first trophy since 1966 so can Aaron Doyle gather his terrific trio of Hoctor, Lambe and Foley and deliver next week. Daniel Foley found some real form scoring 2 bonus points and was superb in the head tennis. However, will all the time that Ryan Lambe and Niall Hoctor spend in Hillview where they have ditched the tennis ball for a football, ultimately be the difference between the sides.

All will be revealed on the 12th December.


The following is the report for week 2.


Results for Head Tennis
Round 1
England (Aaron) 6 Ireland (Colm) 11
Holland (Daniel)6 Spain (Cathal) 11

Round 2
England (Aaron) 11 Holland (Daniel) 2
Ireland (Colm) 11 Spain (Cathal) 7

Round 3
England (Aaron) 12 Spain (Cathal) 10
Ireland (Colm) 12  Holland (Daniel) 13

Results & scorers for Cross Bar Challenge

England 2 (Aaron & Ryan)
Ireland 3 (Colm Power 2 and Aidan)
Holland 1 (Cillian Crowe)
Spain 4(Jack Harney 2,Cavan McKenna,Luke Kiely)

5 a side match bonus scorers
Aaron Doyle (1) for England
Conal Kennedy (3) for Ireland
Luke Kiely (1) for Spain

TEAM               HEAD TENNIS       CROSSBAR    Bonus      TOTAL

IRELAND                12               4           3         19
ENGLAND               12               4           1         17       
SPAIN                       6               6           1         13
HOLLAND               6               1           0          7

Crossbar leaders table
Colm Power (3), Cavan McKenna (2) Aaron Doyle (2) Jack Harney (2).

What a nights football we had during week 2. The football pundits were completely split with their player of the night presentation until the final few minutes when Conal Kennedy rattled in a hat-trick to secure 3 valuable points for Ireland. Up to this Gary Neville and Jamie Redknap had argued between Aaron Doyle and Colm Power as Colm  not only captained his team to 2 Head Tennis victories but then stood up to hit the crossbar in the crossbar challenge twice on the bounce to go top of the leader table. Aaron Doyle again was superb in the head tennis, hit the crossbar and then secured a vital point in the five a side with an excellently taken goal. However there was no stopping the goal machine that was Conal Kennedy who sent his team right to the top of the table and 2 points clear of arch rivals England. The final series of head tennis games saw the most amazing 2 matches with England gaining a vital 2 points with an sweetly struck winner from Daniel Foley to see off Spain 12-10. On the other court a nail biting finish saw rally after rally but in the end the top speed serves of Rowan Wagner was enough to gain Holland a much needed 3 points and stop a clean sweep for Ireland with a 13-12 sudden death victory. The crossbar challenge is getting really exciting and if Colm, Cavan, Aaron, and Jack can keep the standard they have set, we are in for a real close battle. Colm Power gave a display of accuracy that the only disappointing fact was that there was nobody recording it as it would have been a huge hit on You Tube. In summary the boys in green Colm, Oisin, Aidan and Conal go marching on but have a lot of work to do on their celebration, as their silly little dance won't be good enough at this level. England are a real force with Aaron, Niall, Ryan, and Daniel Foley getting valuable points everywhere (and contesting every umpire decision - Ryan please ask your Dad who was John McEnroe). Spain are quietly getting into form with the crossbar challenge their best game. All 4 Spaniards of Cathal, Jack, Luke and Cavan have hit the crossbar so if they can manage to get the ball over the bar in the head tennis and under it during the 5 aside they could be real contenders.
As for Holland what can we say - Its a beautiful country with a rich football tradition and hopefully by the end of this competition you won't be able to pick the odd one out from following list- Van Basten, Crowe, Cruyff, Traas, Gullit, Burke,Bergkamp and Wagner. Well done to all keep up the good work and keep practising.




Results for Head Tennis
Round 1
England (Aaron) 11 Ireland (Colm) 9
Holland (Daniel)11 Spain (Cathal) 7

Round 2
England (Aaron) 11 Holland (Daniel) 7
Ireland (Colm) 11 Spain (Cathal) 8

Round 3
England (Aaron) 11 Spain (Cathal) 12
Ireland (Colm) 11  Holland (Cathal) 6

Results & scorers for Cross Bar Challenge

England 2 (Aaron & Daniel Foley)
Ireland 1 (Colm Power)
Holland 0
Spain 2 (Cathal McKeown  & Cavan McKenna)


ENGLAND                6                2               8
IRELAND                 6                1               7      
SPAIN                      3                2               5
HOLLAND               3                0               3

Crossbar leaders table

Aaron Doyle , Daniel Foley, Colm Power, Cavan McKenna and Cathal McKeown all on 1.

A great start to week 1 of the head tennis tournament with some cracking games. Aaron Doyle's England look like the team to beat with 2 victories and only losing out by a single point in a sudden death game against Cathal McKeown's Spain which would have given them 3 straight wins. However like most tournaments England often impress early only to fade so can Aaron, Niall, Ryan and Daniel Foley handle the intense media pressure this week.
Colm Power picked his Ireland side up from a poor start against England to win the next 2 games and then leading like a captain struck the crossbar in the crossbar challenge to leave his side only a point adrift of the old enemy England. He was really tested as a captain tonight trying to get Conal, Oisin and Aidan to play a team game but when they eventually clicked the boys in green were top class.
Spain led by Cathal Mckeown with the trio of Jack Cavan and Luke managed to cause an upset in the final game and beat England in a sudden death decider. This Spanish side have loads of ability but Spanish sides dont always travel well and some are travelling long distances from Cahir, Kilsheelan and Rathkeevin.
As for Holland, probably the best dressed team on the night with Cillian Crowe and Daniel Traas and Rowan Wagner looking (and sounding) very Dutch like in their appearance but they struggled to get over the fact that the Dutch legend David deBurko failed a late fitness test. Sky sports have updated that he is expected to be fit next week. So after week 1 its all to play for so get the footballs out and practice your control and hitting a target.


On Monday the 14th of November the draw was made for the U13 Christmas Head Tennis and Crossbar Challenge. Four very strong teams have been assembled with the following line up.

Captained by Aaron Doyle
Niall Hoctor
Ryan Lambe
Daniel Foley

Captained by Colm Power
Aidan Tobin
Conal Kennedy
Oisin Napier


Captained by Daniel Traas
Cillian Crowe
Rowan Wagner
David Burke

Captained by Cathal McKeown
Jack Harney
Luke Kiely
Cavan McKenna

The Competition will take place each Monday November 21st and 28th and December 5th and 12th.

  • Each week every team will play 3 head tennis matches against the other teams.
  • The rules are as follows --
  • Min of 3 players and maximum of 4.
  • One bounce only allowed in court either before after player touches the ball.
  • No side or end walls in play.
  • Normal Tennis rules of ball bouncing on the line is in.
  • Maximum of 3 touches per player.
  • Team who last scores serves.
  • First to 11 or continue until team wins by 2.
  • 3 points for a win 0 for loss No Draws.
  • Coaches decision final.
  • Yellow and Red Cards and Suspension Apply !!!!!!!.

Crossbar Challenge
Every player will get 2 shots at the crossbar.
If the player either hits the crossbar directly or on the return off the wall, the players team is awarded 1 point.

The maximum points available therefore on any one night is 17 (9 for head tennis (3 matches) and 8 for crossbar challenge 4 players taking 2 shots each).
It has been rumoured that Colm Power has already held 2 training sessions for his England team in Marlfield this week.

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