RIP John Kane

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The sudden and untimely death of our secretary John Kane on July 3rd 2004 left a huge void in our club. Johnny was Clonmel Town's secretary for fifteen years and his devotion to that job was an example to all of us. Nothing could prepare us for the shocking news of his death. It is acknowledged by everyone in the club that he was Clonmel Town's finest ever secretary and sports administrator. He went about his job in a quiet but professional manner. He rarely missed a meeting and all his hard work was not done for self-gratification but in the best interest of Clonnmel Town F.C. He simply loved the club and had a passionate interest in all of our teams. We have not just lost a great secretary but we have all lost a true friend. Johnny Kane On both levels he will be irreplaceable. Johnny has left this life with no enemies. A deeply inoffensive man, he was one of life's true gentlemen and was respected by people in all clubs, not just in Tipperary but also beyond. Johnny never sought the limelight, he was not a person who wanted to be in the photograph when the trophies where being presented. He was just happy to see his beloved team winning. Those of us who were lucky enough to have known and worked with him at the club are the poorer for his passing. It will be hard for all of us to continue but we must, for Johnny Kane would have wanted for nothing less. However sad we are at his passing, Johnny would want us not to mourn but to be strong and to work even harder to bring further success to the club he adored. In some ways Johnny didn't die last Saturday, he merely moved location. He is reunited with his mother Kathleen in a more peaceful place. Whenever or wherever the famous old gold and black jersey plays they will have a twelfth man on the pitch. Those of us left behind will never forget his name and his memory. Although shocked and saddened by his passing, it will strengthened our endeavor to ensure that the success of Clonmel Town F.C. continues. We owe this wonderful man that, at the very least. Rest in Peace Johnny, we will never forget you.
In May 2005 the Tipperary Schoolboy League decided to rename the U12 Tipperary Cup the "John Kane Memorial Cup". This great honour will ensure that John's name is preserved in Tipperary Football Forever. Nobody deserves such a honour more than Johnny Kane.

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